Title: Station Manager (AKA Bossman)

Quote: “You really want me to give you a quote for this bio thing?”
  • Interests
    • Radio Station Management
    • Gaming
    • Science Fiction
    • Conquering virtual worlds! (read: more gaming)
    Preferred musical genres:
    • Electro Swing
    • Epic Trance
    • Glitch Hop

DJ Daggaroth joined New Eden Radio as a DJ back in 2008, shortly after the station was created. Bringing a talent for randomness to his shows, DJ Daggaroth quickly established a following of no order what so ever to his shows. In 2011 DJ Daggaroth was promoted to Public Relations Manager for the station and assumed the role in the stations management, organizing interviews, trips to PAX and much more. In 2013, when the station manager at the time decided to step down, it was decided that Daggaroth would assume the mantle of Station Manager and keep the radio station running, which has had done ever since.

Show times:
Monday 0100 – 0300 GMT

Connect with Daggaroth at:
Steam: Daggaroth
Twitter: <Status: too boring in RL for a twitter>
Facebook: heh…