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After your application has been submitted, a member of our recruitment staff will reach out to you via the email you provided.  From there you will be asked to schedule a time when you will go over New Eden Radio rules and regulations as well as do a test show. After that, you will be evaluated by the recruitment personnel in charge of your on-boarding, if you are found to meet our criteria, you will be asked to join our station, if you fail to meet our criteria you will be given feedback as how to improve and given the chance to reapply once you are able to meet our criteria.



Q: What do you mean: “Test show”?

A: We expect all NER DJ applicants to conduct a two hour long trial show,  this is to show you understand how to work your Broadcast software, your microphone works, and your internet connection can handle doing a live broadcast for the required amount of time.



Q: What should I have ready for my test show?

A: You should have the following items:


  • Broadcast software installed and ready to go
  •  A microphone that works
  • A minimum of two hours of music ready,  if your show is themed toward a specific genre, then you should have that type of genre ready to go,  if your show is a live mix show, you should be prepared to conduct a two hour live mix.
  • Talking points.  We expect all our DJs to conduct regular “talky bits” on air, whether it is to advertise the station, talk about what songs you are playing, or mention what game you are currently immersed in. If you are unclear what you should talk about, please ask the recruitment staff who reaches out to you.



Q: What broadcasting software do you recommend?

A: We prefer our DJs utilize SAM Broadcaster.  However there are several alternatives out there including vDJ and winamp although these are quite limited compared to SAM.



Q: What hardware do you recommend?

A: There is no set hardware we recommend other than it fit the criteria of being able to allow for a quality show to be preformed regularly.



Q: What am I expected to provide?

A: You are expected to provide your own broadcasting software, and all necessary computer hardware to conduct a broadcast.  And to have said software and equipment ready before your test show.



Q: I haven’t received any contact from a New Eden Radio recruitment staff yet. What do I do ?

A: Please make sure you check spam filters or sub folders of your email, in many cases, messages are rerouted and can be missed.  However, it does occur on rare occasion that a recruitment staffer has issues of their own and cannot get back to you in a timely manner. Please keep in mind that New Eden Radio is entirely staffed by volunteers who generously donate their time and efforts into making this one of the best radio stations on the internet. If it has been more than 7 days and you have not received any communication from our recruitment staff, please send an email describing the situation to , this will be sent to our team of managers who have who will address the situation and get back to you at their earliest opportunity.



Q: What if I have additional questions that are not covered by this wonderful page?

A:  If this wonderful FAQ page has not done an adequate job of preparing you for what comes next in the recruitment process, please let us know what we can do to improve this page by emailing with subject “Request for additions to recruitment FAQ” along with what suggestions you would like to see added to this page and your reasoning behind the request. If the suggestion is found to be warranted, we will make the necessary changes to this page.