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Hello you wonderful NERds!


At the beginning of a new year it is not uncommon to reflect on the previous years, highlight accomplishments, note failures, and use that information to make new goals for the year ahead. One of mine is to make sure that we at New Eden Radio have more frequent posts that are interesting to you, our loyal fans, who come to us for entertainment. Yours may include some of the classics: Lose 10 pounds, finally get that promotion at work, or perhaps start a new and interesting hobby. To that end I would like to invite you to continue reading below and find out a bit more about what volunteering at New Eden Radio is all about and how it can find a place in your life.

Firstly, If you haven’t been with us from the beginning you might wonder what we are all about. Well we were started in 2007 by a group of individuals who were playing the MMORPG: EVE Online and got tired of listening to the same 30 tracks of ambient music over and over and over and … well you get the picture. And thus New Eden Radio was born. Over the years we have tried to expand our circle of influence to include all gamers, whether it be PC or Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo,  Gamers of the world can frequently agree that while many of the games we are passionate about are amazing, if you play them for long enough the sound track can get a bit stale. While we still focus on EVE Online and its community we attempt to bring news about new games and do game reviews whenever possible to make sure you, the avid gamer, get some epic music and some interesting news about some of the latest and potentially greatest games to play.

With this in mind, we invite you to join our family to play the music you love, and get the chance to talk to people in the game industry, interview them, and conduct reviews of games that may still be in development.

Some of the benefits of becoming a New Eden Radio DJ include (but are not limited to):

  • Playing your favorite music for a global audience
  • Opportunities to play and review the latest games, and keep the games when you are done.
  • Opportunities to Interview people in various positions in the gaming industry
  • Opportunities to visit Gaming conventions for free or reduced cost
  • Get experience with skills that can transfer onto a resume/CV in a multitude of industries

What we Expect out of a New Eden Radio DJ:

  • Conducting a regular, two + hour show at a regularly scheduled time during the week
  • Be 18 years or older of age
  • Adhere to all staff rules
  • Have a functional and quality microphone
  • Access to a diverse library of music
  • Check Staff email regularly and reply when necessary (though we are all on discord so much these days we rarely need to worry about email!)
  • Contribute to the station and help further our quest to provide Music Mayhem and Madness to gamers everywhere.

If you are interested in becoming a DJ  Check out the “Join us” link in the menu above or check out This link to put in a DJ Application

Now you might find your talents lie behind the scenes, or just not on air.  We are looking for people with a multitude of skills to help our little family grow and prosper in the months and years to come.

We currently are looking for people in the following areas:

  • Community Support
  • Game Reviewer
  • Graphics Design
  • News Team
  • Public Relations
  • Web Development


Your awesome on Facebook and Twitter? come join our community Support or Public Relations team, I personally am terrible at both of these and as a result the station’s social media presence is somewhat lacking. I would LOVE someone who knows what they are doing to help us reaching out to new people over those types of platforms.  Are you a  Wiz with graphics we could certainly use some new logos or graphics to showcase our stuff on our website. A Coding genius? Help our web admin by taking some of the load off and improve our website! Want to share your opinions on the latest game you played? Become a New Eden Radio Game Reviewer and write regular articles for our website that showcase your opinions on whatever has been eating up your time lately. We most certainly need your help. If you feel you would be interested in any of these positions, check out the support application here at the Support Application

If you feel that none of these adequately defines what you would like to do to help New Eden Radio,  Tell us! email us at : Managers@NewEdenRadio.com and let us know what you think you could do to help get our station more popular and successful.


I’ve been volunteering with New Eden Radio nearly since the beginning of its creation and I would love to see it grow, expand and thrive.  Please come join us and help that make that goal a reality.  We need more staff members to keep things moving and groovin, rockin and boppin.

I hope that reading this has inspired you to consider volunteering with us.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to join our Discord channel and ask there, or just privately message one of our staff.  We will answer any questions you may have.


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