PAX West 2016 was an amazing experience!  There were some amazing games and great interviews.  While we were unable to record every interview, we compiled all of our interviews which we played during the PAX special so you can listen to them whenever you like!

Here are some highlights of PAX West:

Best Expansion:  ARK: Scorched Earth

ARK: Scorched Earth began as a expansion / mod project that was later picked up by Studio Wildcard adds a completely new environment to the mysterious sci-fi dinosaur game of ARK: Survival Evolved.   Giving you alot more options such as weather effects that blind or disable electronics which can help or hinder you when trying to attack a rival tribe.  There are also new dinosaurs and creatures which are unique to this desert environment.

ARK: Scorched Earth is available on Steam for 19.99 USD and requires the base game of ARK: Survival Evolved to play.

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Best community outreach: Wargaming

Wargaming is the company responsible the extremely popular games: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and World of Warships.    With their success they have not forgotten their fans and came to PAX West this year with two real life tanks to entertain and delight fans with tank rides and the tanks crushing items that the community voted on!    The Let’s Battle! tour that they have been taking around the country has brought a chance for fans to enjoy the Wargaming model of business which seems to be incredibly successful!

For more information on Wargaming and its respective games you can visit

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Best storytelling game:  Tunnels & Trolls

Tunnels & Trolls is being developed by the team at Meta Arcade,  lead by former CCP Pokethulhu.  Tunnels & Trolls gives players a rich and difficult interactive story to play through again and again,  they also plan on releasing tools and resources for players to write their very own story and even sell it for a profit!


Tunnels & Trolls is currently in development with a release date not yet released.

Check out more of Meta Arcade and Tunnels & Trolls here:

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Best VR Game: Earthlight

Earthlight is a VR game that gives players the most accurate and realistic depiction of what it is to be an Astronaut.   The team at Opaque Multimedia who is working on this project has worked in great detail with NASA, JPL, and other space agencies all over the world  in order to not only give players the most accurate simulation of what Astronauts go through during their training and their work, but it also as an educational tool for those actually entering into the space industry on the path to becoming the next generation of Astronauts.

Earthlight is currently is in development. With a release date not yet released.

Check out more of Earthlight at  

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Best Strategy: Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 3 brings back what was amazingly fun about the first two Dawn of War games and gives players the opportunity to command some new and classic units of the Dawn of War franchise in a large army which will lead to some quite spectacular combat.   From droppods filled with troops to massive walking dreadnoughts that tower over other units, Dawn of War 3 is exactly what you would hope to expect from the next chapter of the Dawn of War series.

Dawn of War 3 is currently in development with a release date not yet released.

Check out more of Dawn of War 3 at

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