Penny Arcade Expo is one of the largest gaming conventions in the world. Located in the beautiful Seattle,WA,USA each year legions of gamers descend upon the Washington State Convention Center located in the heart of Downtown Seattle to see the latest in upcoming video games, see what is being developed, attend panels, and get the opportunity to try out new games first hand.

This year we had a plethora of reviews and saw some truly amazing games that are sure to bring many an hour of enjoyment to gamers everywhere.

Below is a selection of the raw audio interviews that were taken during PAX Prime 2015. In keeping with New Eden Radio tradition, these recordings have not been edited in anyway and thus will have the constant roar of the crowd in the background, as well as any “ums” “uhs” and pauses that may have been recorded.

Extra Life Interview: (Day 1 – Interview 1 – PAX Prime 2015)

Runic Games Interview: (Day 1 – Interview 2 – PAX Prime 2015)

Frontier Games Interview: (Day 1 – Interview 3 – PAX Prime 2015)

Mekazoo Interview: (Day 1 – Interview 4 – PAX Prime 2015)

Assault Android Cactus Interview: (Day 1 – Interview 5 – PAX Prime 2015)

The Repopulation Interview :(Day 1 – Interview 6 – PAX Prime 2015)

Time Machine VR Interview: (Day 1 – Interview 7 – PAX Prime 2015)

Pollen Interview (Day 1 – Interview 8 – PAX Prime 2015)

Skreens Interview (Day 1 – Interview 9 – PAX Prime 2015)


Day 2


Day two we got to meet with many great hardware and game developers Including Razor, Nvidia, MSI, and many more. Unfortunately due to technical issues, most of the recordings for this day were unfortunately unrecoverable. We will have our coverage of these individual items in text format on a future date.


Day 3


Discord Games Interview (Day 3 – Interview 1 – PAX Prime 2015)

Absolute Drift Interview (Day 3 -Interview 2 – PAX Prime 2015)

Andy McNeal Interview (Day 3 – Interview 3 – PAX Prime 2015)

TumbleStone Interview (Day 3 – Interview 4 – PAX Prime 2015)

Tumbling Cats Interview (Day 3 – Interview 5 – PAX Prime 2015)

Candecent Interview (Day 3 – Interview 6 – PAX Prime 2015)

Star Wars Uprising Interview (Day 3 – Interview 7 – PAX Prime 2015)

The Ark: Survival Evolved Interview (Day 3 – Interview 8 – PAX Prime 2015)

Gigantic Interview (Day 3 – Interview 9 – PAX Prime 2015)


The Best of PAX


The best of PAX is a hard list to generate because there was so many absolutely incredible games and pieces of gaming equipment that were showcased at PAX. We had Wargaming showcase their newest game that just released: World of Warships that made quite the splash! (pun intended) and we had The Ark: Survival Evolved that was absolutely gorgeous and featured amazing landscapes filled with dinosaurs and strange alien equipment. But the best game by far was: Sword Coast Legends from n-space and Digital Extremes. A part of the Dungeons & Dragons world, the game gives you an incredible experience in both single and multiplayer gameplay.

During my media demo of Sword Coast Legends, I was given the role of Dungeon Master (DM) in a small multiplayer dungeon raid that four other individuals were to work to compete. I as the DM was given control of the monsters, obstacles and even the layout of the Dungeon that the adventurers faced. With amazing detail I was able to create and modify existing creatures to create something of my own design to put in the path of the adventurers and even directly control the monsters that they encountered. The demo ended with the adventurers facing a giant spider boss along with two terrifying creatures of my own design.

While we did not have the opportunity to conduct a recorded interview, the creators of Sword Coast Legends were kind enough to put us on the review list so in a few weeks when the game comes out (September 29, 2015) we will have the opportunity to dive in detail, into every aspect of the game.

We at New Eden Radio tip our hats to the developers of Sword Coast Legends for bringing something truly legendary to PAX Prime 2015.





Additional Information and upcoming reviews.


We also were given the opportunity to get brand new headset from Kingston Technologies: the HyperX Cloud II. We will have a detailed review of that as well once we are done with putting it through our trials!

We will have more coverage of Many of the games we mentioned as well as further text coverage of the non recorded aspects of PAX Prime 2015 at a later date.