New Eden Radio proudly presents 7th annual New Years EVE celebration

Hello Capsuleers!

I am pleased to announce that New Eden Radio will be hosting the 7th annual New Years EVE celebration in the Umokka system. You are all invited to attend and participate. There will be music, mayhem, madness, and prizes!

Where: Umokka X – Moon 4 – Caldari Navy Testing Facilities

When: Starting at 23:00 Game time on Friday January 1st 2016 and continuing on to at least 01:00 Game time on January  2nd, 2016.

What to bring: Bring a ship equipped with Fireworks, snowballs, Lasers, and other colorful effects!

What will be provided: New Eden Radio will be providing the music with me in the DJ Booth. We will also be raffling off a Carrier of the winners choice as well as numerous other prices for participation

The Raffle: Tickets cost 1 million ISK per ticket. There is no maximum of tickets you can purchase. To purchase ticket(s) for the raffle, send your ISK to the character “DJ Daggaroth” with the reason “NER 2016” and you will be entered to win! The drawing for the carrier will take place toward the end of the festivities. You do NOT need to be online to win, but you do need to be online to choose your carrier. If you are offline and win, a random carrier will be chosen and contracted to you with a 3 day contract.

Tune in to for more details and to tune in during the event!