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CCP All Dev Request Show – 12:00GMT on 27th March with DJ Daggaroth

Join DJ Daggaroth for a very special show as he takes requests from over 40 CCP staff and mixes these with your favorite fan made tracks from the Eve community.

This will be pure music, mayhem & madness, so make sure you tune in! Daggaroth will also be running a raffle during the show with epic prizes to be won if the epic tunes aren’t enough for you :)

It all kicks off at 12:00GMT, Friday 27th March so tune in and join us in our ingame channel (in the media section of your neocom chat) or on IRC (just click the webchat link above).


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Results of the 6th annual New Years EVE celebration!

The Results are in and it seems that the capsuleers of New Eden are still committed to bringing in the New Years New Eden Radio style!    We had over 200 people in local with us celebrating the arrival of the new year and nearly all of them participating in lighting up the night sky outside Umokka X Moon 4 Caldari Navy Testing Facilities.


We also got 2200 Tickets in for this years Raffle, which saw the donation of some awesome prizes at the last minute!  Winners are below.


Thank you all for tuning in and enjoying this years celebrations. May 2015 bring prosperity and joy to you all!

– DJ Daggaroth

Station Manager



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