New Eden Radio is now on Twitch!

Hello all!

I am proud to announce that New Eden Radio now has a Twitch channel!  This channel will be utilized by myself and other DJ’s who play video games during their shows in order to entertain you during our shows in a capacity that we have never before used!  This currently is in a trial period to gain interest and see how our listeners enjoy watching our DJs play games while we play music to entertain you!


The channel can be found here:


I would like to request that all of you loyal NERds who also frequent twitch, please follow and favorite our channel, it would mean a great deal to all of us at New Eden Radio that you are willing to watch us flail around our favorite games!

Also on the topic of Twitch, we are looking for a 16:9 landing picture that we can put on our twitch stream while it is offline. If you are interested in making something like this for the station please reach out to me at [email protected] and I can supply you with more details.


Thanks for listening and I look forward to enjoying many an hour of gaming with all of you!

– DJ Daggaroth

Station Manager

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New Eden Radio would like to honor all veterans on this Veterans day

Many of our staff and listeners owe a debt of gratitude to the veterans of their countries for fighting to keep them safe from those who would want to change our preferred method of living.   These men and women are willing to put themselves in places that others would not dare to venture and in doing so endeavor to make things better for those they love and cherish.  In the United States, we take the eleventh of November to honor our veterans for committing to putting themselves in harm’s way so that others may not have to. This year on this Veterans Day: November 11th 2014, please think of those who served in your country’s armed forces and honor them in a way you see fit.

On behalf of the entire staff of New Eden Radio, to all the veterans that listen and contribute to this fine radio station, I would like to personally thank you for your service and dedication to your respective countries.

Thank you

DJ Daggaroth

Station Manager

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Welcome to the New, New Eden Radio, Website!



You may of noticed that things look a little different around here… Well that is because we have just launched our brand spanking new website.   With it, expect new content, new features, and more shiny-ness.  We are still in the process of getting everything up and running, but we hope that you like our new site and with it, the ability to gain access to the music, the mayhem, and the madness that is New Eden Radio!


-DJ Daggaroth

Station Manager


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NER to the Euro Truck Sim 2 ingame radio player

In what must be one of the biggest indie game surprises of the year, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has gained many new fans through a combination of impressive graphics and a slickly polished well put together game play experience.

Those players ‘in the know’ have discovered the joys of the open road and despite officially being single player only by using a well written multi-player mod freely available on the internet this now puts you on the map along with over 2,000 other drivers, who could have thought truck driving would bring so much enjoyment to so many?

To pass those hours while on the roads what could be better than sitting back, Yorkie bar in hand and passing those miles while listening to your favorite radio station ‘New Eden Radio’ via the in game Radio player so thoughtfully provided by SCS Software? This Radio tweak works equally well in single or multi-player mode,

To add “New Eden Radio” to Euro Truck Simulator 2 you simply need to do the following steps.

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New Eden Radio: Fundraising Challenge!

Hello New Eden Radio Listeners

We are kicking off 2014 with a bang and launching into our biggest fundraising challenge to date! this challenge, if completely successful, will fully fund our PAX PRIME 2014 project as well as pay for our station costs for the entire year! Typically our fundraising campaigns have lasted for a month, but due to the size and scope of this fundraising campaign, we are going to go until the end of February and perhaps extend into March

Currently our goals are:

  • For every 100 dollars, up to the 500 dollar point, DJ Taya will sing a song of a listeners choice, the top five highest donators will get the opportunity to choose the songs.
  • At the 1,000 dollar level, DJ Surayas will get a mixing program and learn how to mix, and play a mixed show sometime in 2014

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New Eden Radio: 5th Annual New Years Celebration!

Hello New Eden Radio listeners!

We have just concluded our 5th annual New Years celebration within Eve Online! We had a peak of 108 tuned in and almost 200 people in the Umokka System.

I would like to note that eve experienced a DDOS attack just hours before the event started, which caused problems for many people so I expect even more next year.

Results of our lotto:

First Prize: Chimera Winner: Dorran Padecain
Second Prize: Chimera winner: Foomanshu
Third Prize: Thanatos: Madd Katello
Forth Prize: Carrier of their choice: Zerotar
Fifth Prize: PLEX: Chaz OnZo
Sixth Prize: PLEX: NANVEL
seventh Prize: Apoc navy issue Winner: BLOODGRIM1

Thank you all for participating and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I look forward to a great 2014 here at New Eden Radio

– Daggaroth

Station manager

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