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Results of the 6th annual New Years EVE celebration!

The Results are in and it seems that the capsuleers of New Eden are still committed to bringing in the New Years New Eden Radio style!    We had over 200 people in local with us celebrating the arrival of the new year and nearly all of them participating in lighting up the night sky outside Umokka X Moon 4 Caldari Navy Testing Facilities.


We also got 2200 Tickets in for this years Raffle, which saw the donation of some awesome prizes at the last minute!  Winners are below.


Thank you all for tuning in and enjoying this years celebrations. May 2015 bring prosperity and joy to you all!

– DJ Daggaroth

Station Manager



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New Eden Radio wishes you all a Happy Holidays and hopes you will ring in the new year with us

It is hard to believe that 2014 is already coming to an end. It has been an amazing year for New Eden Radio, we have seen the launch of our brand new website, an updated streaming service, and the addition of some amazing talent to our DJ rosters. We have plenty planned for 2015 but before we can get to that, we must wrap up 2014 in traditional New Eden Radio style!

Here are some upcoming events to look forward to:

Coming up on Sunday, December 28th is DJ Tranze’s 3rd Annual X-mas Lotto in EVE Online!

Cost is 2 million ISK a ticket, there are no maximum tickets so buy as many as you like!

Simply send the ISK to “DJ Tranze” in game with the reason: “X-Mas Lotto” to be entered. The drawing will take place during DJ Tranze’s Show On Sunday Dec 28th at 1900 to 0100 eve time.

Prizes are as follows:

Enyo – Confessor – Garmur – Raven Navy Issue – Moros – Imperial Navy Slicer – Vexor Navy Issue – 30 Day Pilot’s License Extension (PLEX) x4 – Carrier of winner’s choice! – AND 10 Billion ISK!!!!

Remember: you can purchase tickets now!

Come ring in the new years with New Eden Radio!

Coming up on Wednesday December 31st – Thursday January 1st is DJ Daggaroth’s 6th annual Eve Online Fireworks show!

Where: The System of Umokka at Umokka X moon 4 Caldari Navy Testing Facilities

When: Wednesday December 31st 2300 to 0100 EVE time.

Bring: a ship equipped with any of the following: Fireworks, Snowballs, Lasers, and Missiles.

There will be a Carrier of the winner’s choice raffled off as well as a number of other prizes to be determined at a later date!

You can enter the raffle now by sending 1 Million ISK to the character “DJ Daggaroth” in EVE Online with the reason “NER2014″ there is no limit on the maximum number of tickets you are allowed to buy so buy as many as you like! Drawing will take place toward the end of the show.

More information can be found here: Eve-o-forums

And on behalf of the entire staff of New Eden Radio, I would like to wish you a heartfelt and sincere: Happy Holidays. We hope you all are able to enjoy the season in Safety and happiness.


Station Manager

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