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New Eden Radio upgrades to Windows 10!

For those who are tuning in to New Eden Radio as they marvel at their new operating system, make sure to visit the windows app store and download the newly upgraded version of the New Eden Radio app!


Created by our very own DJ ExecTech, the NER app will allow you to not only enjoy the music but also the mayhem and madness as well with access to our IRC channel!     Enjoy the tunes as you explore your new OS!


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Join Us today!

Love music as much as we do? want to review games and share your passion with individuals around the globe? Well look no further than New Eden Radio!

We are currently looking to add more DJs to our schedule who are interested in sharing their musical tastes, as well as their gaming opinions, with the rest of the world.   We only ask for a 2 hour commitment each week for your show and our DJs are more than welcome to continue well past should they desire to.

To apply simply click Here or click the “join us” button above.

If you have any questions about joining our wonderful little station, please feel free to email us at


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PLEX for GOOD – Nepal Earthquake Relief

On Saturday, 25 April, a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude struck Nepal and the surrounding region, swiftly followed by an initial aftershock measuring 6.6 and a second measured at 6.7 the next day.

These earthquakes have caused unprecedented destruction across the area, leveling homes, businesses and reducing to rubble heritage that has stood for thousands of years. With the United Nations confirming that the death toll has surpassed 6,000 people, foreign aid has begun to pour in from across the globe.

An additional 14,000 people are known to have been injured, with the events over the weekend also affecting Mount Everest, which suffered a massive avalanche after the initial earthquake that struck the mountain’s base camp, killing at least fifteen climbers and stranding almost 100 more. The UN estimates that approximately 3 million people are in urgent need of aid, with 24,000 living in makeshift camps, and over 130,000 homes destroyed by the earthquakes.

A recent report from the United Nations Office of the Resident Coordinator estimates that around eight million people in 39 districts have been affected in total, of which over two million live in the 11 most severely affected districts, with landslides and challenging weather continuing to slow rescue efforts.

Along with the EVE Online community, CCP was following the devastating impact of these events, and we were extremely humbled to see support tickets flood in and requests begin to appear on the EVE forums and social media sites requesting that we launch a PLEX for GOOD initiative to assist those affected.

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